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St. Andrew's Cross
Highland Ball 2013

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Highland Ball

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Chieftain Tom Hyslop with (left to right) daughter Laura, son-in-law David Forde, wife Joan and son Kenneth.
Chieftain Tom Hyslop with his wife Joan.
Back Row- Provost Jim Robertson,
Pamela Nash MP, Cllr Jim McCabe, June Williams and Robert Williams Chairman/Treasurer.
Chieftain with Cllr Jim McCabe.
Back Row- Provost Jim Robertson, Pamela Nash MP, John Pentland MSP and Robert Williams
Chieftain Tom with his wife Joan.

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Photographs courtesy of Jim Donnelly, Wishaw Press
Chieftain with family and friends
Provost Jim Robertson presents the Ravenscraig Cromach to new Chieftain Tom Hyslop
Chieftain with pipers Greg McAllister and Graham McKay

Chieftain Tom with visitors from
twin town Schweinfurt
(left to right)Uwe Walther, Renate Hahn,
Marion and Christian Both.

Pamela Nash MP with Chieftain Tom and former Chieftains.