Shotts Highland Games Association - Stand Sure!
St. Andrew's Cross
Photos of the current Chieftain and the committe members who work very hard all year to make Shotts Highland Games possible.

Robert Williams - Treasurer
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Lynn Hamilton, Highland Dancing Convener
John Moran
Award winning team
Award Winning

Shotts Highland Games Association were honoured by Lanarkshire’s Supercounty with a Cultural Heritage Award in 2009 in recognition of 60 years of highland games in Shotts.
The award was presented to Chairman Alex Hamilton by Lord Lieutenant Gilbert Cox who said: “Ten committee members work tirelessly all year to continue this Scottish cultural exchange, supporting traditional events. We recognise the strong tradition that they are upholding; we recognise the importance of celebrating and preserving such events; and we recognise that they have successfully held Shotts Highland Games for 60 years. What an achievement.”

Picture shows- Shotts Highland Games Committee 2009 (left to right) Robert Williams, Tom McCallum,
John Moran, Alex Hamilton, Helen Russell, Jim Robertson, Jan Dearie, Tom Hyslop and Norman Grant.
(Missing from the picture is May Scott)

Lynn Hamilton, Highland Dancing Convener
Track and Field Convenor