Shotts Highland Games Association - Stand Sure!
St. Andrew's Cross

1st Saturday in June
12.30pm - Chieftain's Parade
1pm - Official Opening

Pipe Band

Girls' Relay

Highland Dancing Championships
(Starts at 9.30 a.m.)
Over 100 dancers take part in the Highland Dancing competitions for five age groups.

To the skirl of the pipes each dancer performs four traditional dances.
(for explanation of the dances see below)

Highland Dancers
Sword Dancer
The Highland Fling
The oldest of the dances, said to be based on the movements of the stag.
Arms are held aloft like antlers, the feet dance and the body turns around suggesting the stag's love play.
The Sword Dance
Credited to Malcolm Canmore, King of Scots, who, after slaying an opponent placed his sword and that of his enemy on the ground in the form of a cross and danced in triumph over them.
Shean Trubhis
Came about when wearing the kilt was banned following the Battle of Culloden. The dancers perform this in tartan trews and depict the discarding of the hated trousers.
The Strathspey Reel
This is performed by four dancers and requires skill and ingenuity from each dancer to weave the intricate figure "8".

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Highland Games go back centuries and were held under the sponsorship of the King or Clan Chieftain as a way to recruit staff.
the events allowed men to show their skills and strength using tools which were part of everyday working life.
This tradition is reflected in the Shotts Athletic programme.

Boys' Relay
Pipe Band Championship
Around forty pipe bands play for the West of Scotland Championship and the Open Contest.