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Saturday 3rd June 2017
Hannah Park, Shotts

Official opening 1pm. Gates open 9am.

The Chieftain's Parade led by pipe bands marches through the streets of Shotts, arriving at the Hannah Park at 1pm for the official opening.
March past commences at approximately 5pm
The fantastic sound of music fills the air as the mass bands play the Salute to the Chieftain
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He was always at Hannah Park in the days before the Games, working with the Council personnel with the track and field preparations and the team of volunteers he had recruited. His leadership was exemplary and his sense of humour legendary. Alex will be greatly missed by the Highland Games Association and in the wider community.

Shotts Highland Games Association have been saddened by the death of our Honorary President Alex Hamilton.
Alex has been involved with the Highland Games for more than 30 years, during which he served as a convener, secretary and Chairman and he is only the second person to have been honoured with the title of Honorary President.